Protecting Choice

Keith has rooted his career in protecting the rights of Americans. The very principles upon which our Country was founded are individual liberty and freedom of choice. The recent Supreme Court Draft highlights a simplistic originalist view that causes draconian results for our society.  Under our Constitution, a woman has the right to make her own medical decisions. The Constitution does not assign that right to electeds who have lost their sense of purpose and direction in leading our Country.

Our government should never interfere with a person’s medical decisions. Under our laws, women have inalienable rights, and are the only stewards of their bodies. As a lawyer, Keith knows how to combat blatant government overreach, and will be a relentless fighter in defending a woman’s right to choose.


As a lawyer, Keith took on the big guys and protected our water while fighting for more solar and wind power here in Nassau. Keith was able to negotiate the partisan divide across Federal, State, County and City Politics, resulting in a 23-1 vote across two municipalities stopping millions of gallons of sewage from entering into Reynolds Channel daily. Washington needs a leader who can deliver results to protect our environment, and address the growing threat of climate change. Our community felt the pain of Sandy and Keith is a leader who will act now and get results.

Voting Rights

Keith spent his career protecting New Yorker’s voting rights. As one of the State’s most accomplished Election Lawyers, Corbett represented President Barack Obama in the Birther case brought by Donald Trump, and represented President Joe Biden in his New York campaign. Keith is responsible for leading a team of hundreds of attorneys into the poll sites every election day to combat voter suppression and ensure our voting rights are protected. He has an unmatched record of defending voting rights and representing Democratic candidates running for office. In Congress, Keith will pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to protect our sacred right to vote keeping our democracy strong for the next generation.


As Mayor, Keith prioritized investing in the police force and gave them the resources they needed to be properly trained to keep our communities safe. This led to Malverne being one of the safest places to live in the state and country. In Congress, he’ll work to get illegal guns off the street, ban automatic weapons, ghost guns, and pass universal background checks. Keith has a plan to fund local law enforcement with federal investments to create teams of officers across the police departments to work with federal data to stop illegal gun trafficking.  


The cost of living is out of control. Despite a downturn in village revenue, Keith funded a summer recreation program for community youth that provides part-time activities four days a week for only $75. The program gives children activities and gives parents an affordable childcare option. As Mayor, Keith cut red tape to make it easier for small businesses to hire and pay workers a fair wage, raised the pay of first responders and held the line on taxes. In Congress, Keith will fight for a $15 minimum wage and invest in green technology to create jobs and stop reliance on fluctuating gas prices. 


Keith oversaw the largest Village infrastructure projects in decades while keeping taxes flat for residents. Under his leadership, a majority of the Village roads were repaved and restored without raising taxes. The Village invested in a new state of the art Police Headquarters and is transforming our park system to ensure environmental stability while providing excellent spaces to live, work and play. Keith will get results in Washington by bringing back necessary resources and easing the burdens of our overtaxed residents here in Nassau County.


As Mayor, Keith is responsible for holding the line on taxes. Keith efficiently cut expenses, worked with department heads to ensure services were provided beyond expectations, and went to Albany to ensure funding for integral Village programs. Even while losing millions of dollars in revenue as a result of COVID-19, Keith still placed millions into surplus, funding a five year capital plan to invest in the Village’s infrastructure and future. As a staunch believer in efficient government, Keith will bring back our fair share of resources to the 4th Congressional District and fight against excessive government spending in Washington.

Police Funding

Keith will NEVER vote to Defund the Police. Like our President, he will work to fully fund our police departments. As Mayor, Keith invested in a new police station, oversaw a true community policing department and ensured all officers are fully trained. Accordingly, Malverne became one of the safest places to live in New York State. In Washington, Keith will continue to ensure the police are funded and prioritize the safety of our families.

Bail Reform

When it comes to cash bail, everyone needs to be treated fairly under the law. However, we need to change the current bail reform laws to protect the residents of the 4th Congressional District. The first priority of the government is to protect public safety. As Mayor of one of the safest Villages in New York State, Keith prioritizes safety and is committed to bringing this focus on public safety to Congress.


In Washington, Keith will repeal the cap on SALT deductions to ease the financial burden on homeowners in the Fourth Congressional District.