Meet Keith

Keith Corbett is a lifelong New Yorker with a record of delivering for his community. He is a husband, father and community leader who is tired of the partisan divides that delay results from our Congress, and wants to bring his professional experience and relentless approach to Washington. He is a leading election law and voting rights attorney, who represented President Barack Obama in a baseless birther case, and counseled President Joe Biden’s campaign. Throughout his career he has advocated for voting rights and the environment, and was instrumental in delivering results for one of the most environmentally sensitive projects in recent New York history. 

As a lawyer, he navigated the partisan divide of Federal, State, County and City Politics to stop 1 million gallons of sewage from entering Reynolds Channel daily. Keith’s negotiations with the Federal, State and County governments resulted in a 23-1 vote across two municipalities ending this disastrous environmental impact that had raged for over 50 years. Keith’s actions resulted in an ecological restoration, environmental rejuvenation and creation of a sustainable coastline that provides economic, quality of life and resiliency benefits to the residents of the 4th Congressional District. 

As the Democratic Party Law Chair, Keith created, trained and implemented the most extensive voter protection program in Nassau County history. Keith is responsible for leading a team of hundreds of attorneys into the poll sites every election day to ensure our voting rights are protected. Keith’s actions have resulted in the institution of fair elections allowing our democratic process to continue unfettered and without partisan interference.  

Keith’s love of and commitment to his community led him to first run for office. In 2019, after serving as Deputy Mayor, Keith was elected as Mayor of Malverne, a historically Republican stronghold. He got elected by knocking on -literally- every door, reaching out to neighbors regardless of party, and by maintaining a relentless focus on improving everyday life. This personal, professional and non-partisanship is precisely the mentality he leads with as a no-nonsense Mayor. 

Just months into his first term as mayor, COVID struck and Keith, as usual, did not back down from these challenging times. His efforts allowed small grocery stores and supermarkets across the state to stay open during the COVID-19 shutdowns and support everyday New Yorkers. While the pandemic cost the Village millions in revenue, Mayor Corbett was able to hold the line on taxes, re-pave a majority of the roads in Malverne and actually added to the Village’s surplus enabling investment in the Village’s future. Keith’s leadership is about results and his actions have led to the protection and preservation of our suburban way of life.

Now Keith is running for Congress because he’s fed up with Washington – Long Island isn’t getting its fair share and almost nobody in DC is concerned about delivering results for our families. Like many of his neighbors, Keith is worried about what Congress is leaving the next generation. Keith is building a broad coalition to pass common sense solutions to deliver results and get the Island what it deserves from Washington.